Brittany Pups

Brittany pups by  Lockie/Major


The Bryantscroft and Tournesol kennels began their partnership in Brittanys in 2002 when the bitch that became the first Brittany Dual Champion, Tournesol Toutou at Bryantscroft was whelped. Since then it has been our aim to produce healthy, good looking, working dogs of sound temperament that are a credit to their owners at home, on the bench and in the field. By focusing our efforts on breeding from dogs that display all these attributes and a desire to be a team member we have to date produced for ourselves and other people four dogs that became Field Trial Champions of which three became Dual Champions and other full champions and show champions. However, the most rewarding aspect of our success is to have been told over the years of the pleasure and the companionship the dogs we have bred have given to their owners. 

Brittany Pups 

Pups available now 

One orange and white bitch pup

One orange and white roan Bobtail dog pup

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